Definition Of A Essay Ways Of Writing An Expository Essay

Although you will need to define technical terms and jargon, do not define every advanced vocabulary word you use in an essay.

For instance, if writing a sociology paper, you might need to define "Weltanschauung" or "anomie," but not non-technical terms such as "obdurate" or "didactic." Rephrase the definition in your own words.

All definition essays should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Professors often assign definition essays towards the beginning of a class.

After that first reference, you can simply use the abbreviation.

By taking the step of correctly referencing any definition source used, you can avoid plagiarism in your essay text.

If you define a word within the essay, it shouldn't be a disruptive part of the essay in length or wording.Types of places which may be assigned are a country, state, city, neighborhood, park, house, or a room. A key to writing a good definition essay focused on the place is to select a specific place you are familiar with; it shouldn’t be a place you need to research — it should be a place that you know intimately.An adjective essay focuses on creating a definition for an adjective.Her educational research was featured at the Maryland State Department of Education Professional Schools Development Conference in 2008.Kolar holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Kenyon College and a Master of Arts in teaching from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland.Define the term in the body of the essay, not the introduction.The purpose of your introduction is to catch the reader's attention and establish your thesis, not to define terminology. If you are worried that you cannot use the term without defining it, use synonyms in your introduction as much as possible. If you feel you must give a lengthy definition to elaborate on the term's various shades of meaning, break it into a few longer sentences.When writing an essay, you may need to define some of that terminology that is familiar to you.Writing a word-for-word definition from the dictionary can be awkward, and putting the definition in the wrong part of your essay can make it seem poorly organized or confusing.We have written this guide that will explain the process in details.So, if you’re looking for a clear explanation of what an outline for such an essay looks like, search no more: it’s all here!


  1. Above all, a definition essay must demonstrate a detailed account of your own opinion about the word or concept. For example, if you are writing an essay about.

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