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Davis Moore Thesis Meritocracy My First Date Essay

However, when a social category like class, occupation, gender, or race puts people in a position in which they can claim a greater share of resources or services, then social differentiation becomes the basis of social inequality.The term social stratification refers to an institutionalized system of social inequality.His grandfather, Albert Rogers, was a director of Imperial Oil (Esso) and his father, Ted Sr., became wealthy when he invented an alternating current vacuum tube for radios in 1925. went from this invention to manufacturing radios, owning a radio station, and acquiring a licence for TV broadcasting. The family was still wealthy enough to send him to Upper Canada College, the famous private school that also educated the children from the Black, Eaton, Thompson, and Weston families.Ted seized the opportunity at Upper Canada to make money as a bookie, taking bets on horse racing from the other students.The consequence of that was to fall into a lifestyle that led to joining a gang, being kicked out of school, developing issues with addiction, and eventually getting arrested and incarcerated.Unlike Ted Rogers, however, the inmate added, “I didn’t grow up with the best life” (CBC, 2010). Canada is supposed to be a country in which individuals can work hard to get ahead. There are no formal or explicit class, gender, racial, ethnic, geographical, or other boundaries that prevent people from rising to the top. But does this adequately explain the difference in life chances that divide the fortunes of the Aboriginal youth from those of the Rogers family? And how does social standing direct or limit a person’s choices?

In some respects the Aboriginal gang members interviewed were like Ted Rogers in that they were willing to seize opportunities, take risks, bend rules, and apply themselves to their vocations.

Then he attended Osgoode Hall Law School, where reportedly his secretary went to classes and took notes for him.

He bought an early FM radio station when he was still in university and started in cable TV in the mid-1960s.

They too aspired to getting the money that would give them the freedom to make their own lives.

However, as one of the inmates put it, “the only job I ever had was selling drugs” (CBC, 2010).


  1. Aug 14, 2017. To begin with, Davis and Moore don't talk about how their thesis actually. this by being meritocratic-a society in which everyone can work hard.

  2. My thesis or dissertation the title of which is shown below to users of the Simon Fraser. another. In fact the Davis-Moore theory of stratification continues to be.

  3. Illustrate how class systems combine caste and meritocracy with reference to the United Kingdom or Japan. 3. Summarize the Davis-Moore thesis. Specifically.

  4. Realize that students find Davis and Moore's theory attractive. than Davis and Moore's functional theory, instructors. Meritocracy Young 1994 or Kurt Vonne-.

  5. Apr 7, 2008. meritocracy. Definition. refers to social stratification based on personal. the davis moore thesis. Definition. states that social stratification has.

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