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Critical Thinking Assignment For Apologetics

Distinctives of the Cultural Apologetics track: format that allows for students to balance work, ministry, and/or parenting with academic study (and to have professors and classmates in multiple time zones).We use a custom designed web platform for our online classes (with full tech support).

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In the discussions, guided by the professors, students explore the ideas presented in readings and lectures, challenge and respond to each other, develop communication skills, and learn how to become independent thinkers.

You can expect to write multiple essays in each class, with the assignments carefully designed by your professors to lead you into a greater understanding and application of the material, and mastery of the concepts and skills for that course.

Since class sizes are small, you’ll always get feedback from your professor on your writing, not just a grade, so that you can grow both in knowledge and in communication skills as you go forward.

The Master of Arts in Apologetics degree is intended to provide students with interdisciplinary training in apologetics so that they understand and engage with contemporary worldviews and culture in order to transform the world for Christ, as academics, as apologists, and as followers of Christ.

HBU’s MA in Apologetics is set apart from other apologetics programs by its interdisciplinary nature and its engagement with culture and the arts and humanities.


  1. Apologetics Quotes Christianity, Critical Thinking, and the Life of the. Each of us has been given the assignment of not only presenting the.

  2. Welcome to the CARM Online School of Critical Thinking. Critical Thinking is a crucial part of the defense of the Christian faith which is under great attack in the world today. Though. Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry President.

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