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Critical Essay On Hamlet Revenge

At the end, both Laertes and Hamlet are able to revenge on each other and against other people whom they had grudges.

Revenge therefore becomes a dominant theme in the play.

The king knows this and that is why he tries to come up with ideas to ensure that Hamlet does not get to carry out his revenge.

Now on his deathbed, we are left with the impression that Hamlet will not get a chance to avenge his father but this is not the case.

Despite these variations in the method of execution, revenge still becomes one of the most dominant themes in the play.

(Shakespeare Navigators) From the time the play opens, both Hamlet and Laertes seek retribution on each other for their father’s deaths.

This is what happens and Laertes succeeds in killing Hamlet thus exerting his revenge.

Just like Laertes, Hamlet is also on a revenge mission for his father whose death was plotted by the king.

The drama and action that surround both Hamlet and Laertes only serves to increase the level of resentment against each other.Apart from the death of his father, Laertes is also angered by the relationship that Hamlet has with Ophelia.This fact can be seen after Ophelia’s stage performance where she talks of a dead lover.Soon after learning of the death of his father, Laertes claims that “Conscience and grace to the profoundest pit! To this point I stand, that both the words I give to negligence, let come what comes; only I’ll be revenged most thoroughly for my father.”(Shakespeare 75) Laertes utters these words just a few moments after the king and queen notify him of his father’s death.At this point, all that Laertes expresses is surprise for the madness that leads to the death of his father.In the play, there are several characters who are determined to revenge the wrongs that they feel have been committed against them.However, each character goes about their revenge mission in his or her own way.At this point, the audience is able to see just how much Laertes is angered by this act.Actually, Laertes is not only angry but also determined to exert revenge against whoever was responsible for the death and this is clear to the audience.On one hand, Hamlet places the blame on Laertes for being the king’s accomplice in opposing his father to become the next king.On the other hand, Laertes has proof that Hamlet killed his father without intending to do so but out of anger.


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