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Creative Writing Curriculum For High School

Students gain practical experience in speaking and listening.

They learn the value of careful preparation and organization of ideas, the importance of good listening skills, the intentional use of nonverbal communication, and the importance of all types of communication in human relationships.

This project is a District-wide expectation in which a student investigates a topic and communicate what they have learned through a wide variety of venues.

Due to enrollment and student interest, not all courses and electives may be available each year at each high school.

All three high schools in the Williamsville Central School District, although they pursue the same goals and objectives through their course offerings, represent different learning environments.

These environments are a function of the student, as well as the teachers and community surrounding the school.

Students who progress through the District’s elementary and middle schools and who enter the Williamsville High School English Program do so with a common base of competencies developed in all classrooms in Williamsville from grades kindergarten through eight.

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Speech and Communication is a 20-week elective in which students develop awareness and expertise in all components of the complex communication process—sender, receiver, message, and medium—that are essential to becoming an effective communicator.

Conventions—spelling, grammar, usage, mechanics—are explicitly taught in the context of a student’s writing and analyzed in the context of a student’s reading.

In order to meet the New York State Board of Regents graduation requirements, students are required to complete four units of English and pass the English Language Arts Regents Exam (usually given during a student’s 11th grade year).

Learning processes are varied and recursive, not linear.

Students adjust reading and writing processes according to context.


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