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Creative Photography Assignments

The object of your “Backstory” is to instill the desire among your students to create their own innovative and memorable self-portraits.So make sure to ask your students what it is in each of the professional photos that makes them unique and powerful.On the opposite side of the coin, be sure to ask them what it is about the selfies they find lacking.It would be extremely difficult to teach every concept of photography in every lesson.Have you ever tried teaching a teenager science, math or technology?If you have, you know it can be a lesson in frustration. Science, math and even technology are pretty dry subjects, and it’s hard to find ways for students to learn about them, without having to read thick textbooks, memorize equations and perform the same experiments over and over again.As you already know, because it’s such a huge subject, you can talk light until the cows come home – which is when the light is gone, by the way – so we’re going to narrow our discussion to just the “direction” of light and the difference between harsh light and a softer light.

Compare the works of your favorite artist to some random selfies.

Is there a lot of the background showing, or does the subject take up the majority of the photograph?

The object is to get them thinking about every part of the photograph, from corner to corner, and not just the portrait itself.

And I doubt if most teenagers, or adults for that matter, can retain all of that information all at one time.

So, for this lesson, let’s concentrate on backgrounds, the direction of the lighting and posing.


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