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Courant Master'S Thesis

We utilized Subgraph Augmented Non-Negative Matrix Factorization (SANMF) for this task.

Courant Master'S Thesis-3Courant Master'S Thesis-19

Highlights of my graduate work included the Cell and Pilaf projects exploring RDMA-based distributed systems, as well as Oolong.

We propose two new methods: (1) Ada Boost Inspired Mini- Batch Sampling (ABIMBS) and (2) Ada Boost Inspired Sentence Sampling (ABISS) ensemble methods for the language modeling task.

ABIMBS has a forward and backward variant and ABISS has a standard deviation and square root variant.

He has also created and produced other discovery and information programs for France Télévision, including a children’s news program “À Toi l’Actu @” and a series of fictional documentaries “Quelle Aventure” devoted to the great historical adventures.

In 2015, he co-creates a Science and Discovery website with Pascal Léonard (director of C’est pas Sorcier).


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