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Construction Workers Essay Research Essay Topic

Passive systems most often seen in construction sites range from guardrails and safety nets to barricades and covers while active systems on the other hand take the form of life lines, body harnesses, anchorage points and lanyards.

What must be understood is that when constructing upwards companies are in effect working against the force of gravity yet since gravity is ubiquitous in our natural environment this in effect causes objects to have the tendency to propagate in a downward direction when insufficient means of harnessing are not utilized.

Body harnesses, life lines and anchorage points act as contingency devices supporting workers by preventing them from falling to their deaths since they act as anchoring points and which allows workers to remain connected to the superstructure of the building after a fall (Firl, 33).

It can make some Cambodians living there drowning in gambling and robbery and kidnapping may also occur, because of gambling.

The situation in Sihanoukville now requires special attention to ensure it is an attractive tourist destination for Cambodians to visit.

It is also an important source of income for Cambodia and its people.

Chinese business is also characterized as a tourist triangle such as opening a hotel, opening a restaurant, opening a karaoke and other entertainment services and all kinds of businesses.

The Chinese also prefer to buy and use services and accommodation where the same Chinese people work.


  1. Fall protection is an indispensable tool in any construction project since it helps to save the lives of workers.

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