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Congressional Nomination Essays Essay Prompts For Cry The Beloved Country

You’re not just getting an education and preparing for a particular career path; you’re being trained to serve in the armed forces, so your experience will also include physical training, military studies, and an introduction to the demands of military discipline.

If you’re considering a service academy, you definitely need to think about whether you can handle a highly regimented environment with many rules, high expectations, and a strict hierarchy.

In addition to your academic performance and your physical accomplishments, your moral character will be scrutinized by intense honor codes.

Life as a student at a service academy is very different from life as a civilian college student.Applicants must be between 17 and 23 years old and unmarried with no dependents, and must show high academic performance as well as good character and physical fitness. Coast Guard, is located in New London, Connecticut.Congressional nominations for USAFA applicants are subject to strict quotas, but additional slots are designated for the children of certain military personnel. It differs from the other service academies in a particularly important way: it doesn’t require applicants to be nominated by members of Congress, and there are no application quotas for particular geographic areas.(Don’t worry—you don’t have to know your nominator personally in order to seek a nomination.) In most circumstances, tuition to the U. service academies is covered by the branch of the military they represent.Depending on the school, you may still have to cover certain other expenses, such as room and board, the cost of an approved laptop, or costs related to your uniforms.The Vice President is authorized to nominate individuals to the United States Military, Naval, and Air Force Academies but can not nominate to the U. Merchant Marine Academy and does not nominate to the U. Due to a large volume of applicants (usually several thousand per academy), the Vice President has authorized the academies to evaluate all applications and rank them according to qualifications. The Vice President is the only authorized nominating authority who can nominate U. The Office of the Vice President will not accept paper applications. He may have a maximum number of five nominees in attendance at each authorized academy at any one time. In order to be entered into competition for a Vice Presidential nomination, applicants must complete the online nomination application during the application period of March 1 to January 31 preceding the year of entrance to the academies.In screening candidates, the academies evaluate an individual’s high school or college academic record, results of the ACT and SAT tests, recommendations from individuals who are in a position to judge the applicant’s character and academic potential, and physical and medical qualifications.The application process also starts earlier in high school, so it’s important that you research your options promptly and thoroughly before making a decision.However, if you’re a good match for the particular and challenging environment they foster, you may find that you thrive at one of these schools. military exist to train young people to serve as commissioned officers in the various branches of the armed forces.


  1. Congressional nominations include selections made by 1 the Vice-President, who nominate candidates from any part of the nation, 2 U. S. Senators, who nominate candidates from their entire state, and 3 U. S. Representatives, who nominate candidates that reside within their congressional district.

  2. Competition for congressional nominations is high, and I encourage you to also apply for a nomination from your other nominating sources, Senator Richard Burr and your home district’s U. S. Congressman or Congresswoman, ROTC, active duty unit commanders and others.

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