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Comcast Internet Business Plans

It simply requires that you participate in that grand old American tradition: voting with your wallet.

Most ISPs offer several grades of "business-class" Internet connections, intended for use by companies large and small. Let's run through the main features found in business class connections as compared to consumer connections. Most major ISPs impose a per-month limit on the total amount of data you can download (out of the four we talked to, only Verizon's FIOS service lacked a cap).

This results in a nastygram from the ISP or extra charges; repeat offenders might even find themselves disconnected.

Across the board, business-class connections lack bandwidth caps.

Some of this blocking is for security—for example, most ISPs block TCP port 25, the default port that SMTP servers use to send e-mail.

This helps control the torrent of spam spewed by customers' malware-infected PCs.

These add-ons are of questionable value to home users, but they definitely have their place when viewed in the context of their intended market. It depends on who your ISP is, where in the country you are, and how fast of a connection you want.

Netflix and other movie-on-demand services are among the most popular online destinations, accounting for almost 30 percent of peak-time Internet traffic in North America, but using Netflix every night can bump a customer right up against their ISP's download cap.

Hosting your own game or Web server can also run afoul of ISP restrictions, either because ISPs block the ports you want to use or because running servers on a home connection violates the ISP's terms of service.

If you're going to run a Web or gaming server from your closet, it's extremely helpful to have a static IP address, since you can slap a domain name onto it and never have to worry about keeping up with dynamic DNS reassignment services. Calling an ISP's technical support line can be a horrible, frustrating experience.

Understanding that businesses are on the hook for more money than consumers and that they need reliable support, ISPs treat business-class accounts far better.


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