Classifacation Essay Sap Erp Implementation Case Study

These categories, classes, or groups each have to be described in the essay.Then, explain which features define a subject as one that pertains to this or that category.Make sure that whichever type of arrangement you choose, examples are present for each category.The common type of format or structure for almost any essay is the introduction - main body - conclusion , type, usually comprising five paragraphs: one for the introduction, three for the main body, one for the conclusion.

Before you start writing your classification and division essay, prepare a “blueprint” for your classification.In any case, as the writer of a classification essay, you have to stick with that initial principle.There are usually at least three groups or categories to organize the subjects by.Follow the instructions in your assignment or choose things to classify yourself, if they are not specified in the task. This connection may be expressed through the fact that the categories are of the same type or can be applied to the same subject.For example, countries can be categorized by their geographical position, climate, cultural attributes they are most famous for, such as cuisine or religion.In simple terms, a classification essay (also called classification and division essay) is a piece of writing where you classify subjects. It means to arrange items, concepts, historical facts, people, or other subjects into a class or category that unites these subjects on the basis of similar features they share, as opposed to other categories that include subjects dissimilar to the former ones.This practice develops your ability to organize things, see specific similarities and differences between them that are determinative of the category, type, or class they pertain to.These types of categories are connected by the fact that they all describe climate.The next step is to order these climate types, whether from hottest to coldest, from less widespread to more widespread kinds of vegetation, and many other arrangements.Psychological needs of a human may be grouped by the principle of hierarchy or by the aspect of life they are associated with; types of food can be differentiated by their nutritiousness, land of origin, or the ways they can be cooked.The principle by which you group the subjects may be pointed out in your assignment, or you may be free to choose an approach yourself.


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