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Chinese New Year Essay

Tangerines and oranges are also displayed in many homes and stores as a sign of luck and wealth.Envelopes with money () often come in the color red, which symbolizes happiness, good luck, success, and good fortune.Chinese New Year has various symbols and traditions.For example, flowers are an important part of New Year decorations, among them the plum blossom (associated with courage and hope) and the water narcissus (associated with good luck and fortune).

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This year's animal sign is the Pig from 2019-02-05 to 2020-01-24.

In addition, a lunar month is around two days shorter than a solar month.

As such, in order to "catch up" with the solar calendar, an extra month is inserted every few years.

This is why, according to the solar calendar, the Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year.

Typically, the celebration begins on the New Year's Eve and lasts for around 15 days through the middle of the first month.


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  3. Essay Chinese New Year Is One Of The Most Important Holidays. Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays in China. Chinese New Year is one of the most important day of the year because it helps bring the family together. Chinese New Year is very different from other New Year because it is a more traditional celebration.

  4. The Chinese New Year is the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar, and it lasts for fifteen days until the full moon. Each year the holiday falls sometime between January 21 and February 19.

  5. The Chinese New Year is lunar, commencing on the first day of the new year containing a new moon and concluding fourteen days later with the Latern festival. Years rotate in accordance with both a 12-year cycle of animal zodiacs and a 10-year cycle of heavenly stems, in addition to bi-annual rotating stems.

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