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Catering Food Paper Research Services

We take a strategic approach to our culinary research and development process: one that blends art and science to develop restaurant food service recipes to reflect trends, emerging dietary concerns, and at times - pure chef-driven inspiration. we can help you reinvigorate your restaurant’s menu with new recipes and food concepts.

We conduct extensive statistical and media research to help you keep your restaurant at the leading edge of the culinary curve.

Everyone raves about your cooking, and when you hold parties, your guests are glued to the buffet table, waiting for first dibs on the next dish you bring out.

Our restaurant recipe development is led by Corporate Consulting Chef Gerry Ludwig, CEC and his team.

In addition to state-level licenses—including a business license—you may also need to apply for local county or city-based licenses and permits.

In addition to licenses and permits specifically related to serving food, such as health permits and food-handling licenses, you may also have to obtain a liquor license.

You need to ensure that the kitchen you use is on par with regulatory standards.

This will encompass not only your food preparation area, but also other food-related areas, such as any of the equipment you use for cooking, your refrigeration system and even how you dispose of food waste.


  1. The DATS Food Services Programs is responsible for the oversight and administration of the NIH Approved Catering Services Listing made available to NIH.

  2. Research. Research News · Faculty Experts · Schools & Departments · Research Support. Catering is defined as any delivery and/or serving of food at Dartmouth College. Please do not take supplies paper plates, plasticware etc. other than DDS must be approved by Erica Murray of Dartmouth Dining Services.

  3. Jan 19, 2017. To control the temperature of foods, most caterers travel to events with. The USDA Economic Research Service expects grocery prices to rise.

  4. Welcome to catering by Great Western Dining Service, Inc. on the Avila University. of Food Services with a confirmed number in attendance for the catering 72.

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