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Unfortunately, there's no single answer to the Web bylines question. Reasons to remove bylines: Usually, a brief author biography is secondary content that should appear at the bottom of articles.However, if a credentialed or experienced author's credibility-boosting effect requires more info than just his or her name, you should add a one-line bio abstract at the top of the page to encourage users to read the article.A century ago, defining an author was quite straightforward in academia—most articles were written by single authors who were solely responsible for the research conducted.Complexities have arisen in the last several decades with the increasing scope of research, which has engendered collaboration between researchers and institutes across disciplines and specializations and led to an increase in the number of authors per paper.Should you identify the author of articles and other website content?Or should the material remain anonymous and be published under the organization's institutional voice?The involvement of multiple individuals in different capacities naturally evokes the question of who should be credited and held accountable for the research published, especially since careers, ethics, and scientific integrity are at stake.

In some branches of the humanities, single authors are still common, and authorship issues surface rarely.Any changes in the level of involvement, or the addition or exclusion of some members, during the project should be approved by the individuals involved and reflected in the author byline.Changes to the author byline after a manuscript has already been submitted are rare, and if required, should be explained to the journal.Friction arises when one or more authors think that the order does not reflect the significance of their contributions.In some branches of humanities, like political science, the trend is to list authors alphabetically.In the sciences, and in related fields like psychology, authors are generally listed in the order of the relative importance of their contributions, with the first author being the main author of the paper.An exception is the last author, who is often the head of the department in which the research was carried out.The Nature journals require authors to include a statement of responsibility specifying the contribution of each author.Another concept that has evolved in response to the diluted accountability in multi-author papers is guarantorship.Longer biographies should be relegated to secondary pages and linked from the author's name.But don't link the name to an email address, for two reasons: As my article on blog usability describes, author biographies should include a portrait photo, at least when you provide a separate bio page.


  1. The byline on a newspaper or magazine article gives the name of the writer of the article. Bylines are commonly placed between the headline and the text of the.

  2. Which research does The BMJ prioritise. The byline of the article identifies who is directly responsible for the manuscript, and Medline lists.

  3. The issue of appropriate article authorship has always been of special interest to editors of scientific journals. In the biomedical sciences, as the.

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