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Bucket List Essay

Then we'd go through and think about which decade of their lives they that experience might fit in best.Here is what I noticed---over the years we were in touch, as my clients aged and their expected lifespan shortened, their lists got longer!Regardless of their details, bucket lists embody what psychologists have learned about goal-setting.Goals can motivate us to accomplish things, but the most motivating goals are those that are hard and specific.

A sole focus on a bucket list might lead us to overlook other activities that will be memorable or significant, perhaps more so than what we would have thought years or even decades earlier.

No peaks - no memories, or at least not very crisp ones.

Whether "life" is an event is an issue to which I will return, but certainly bucket lists, if accomplished, set memories in place that structure life as remembered.

In any event, a bucket list is not about dying but about living, and my chief objection to the phrase is simply that it is misleading.

I do not think that most people create such lists with their imminent death in mind.


  1. My wishlist 1. Live on a beach for some days. 2. Run a marathon 10 Km in under an hour. 3. Go on a road trip to some distant location.

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