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Brave New World Allusions Essay

The only form of “happiness” comes from a drug called soma, which provides an artificial escape from negative emotions.

As some individuals begin to question the world around them, John, a “Savage” who has been raised outside of the World State, enters this mainstream society and stirs up trouble.

Bernard and Lenina meet Linda, John's mother, who rejoices at seeing civilized people again.

She complains that there is too much dirt and that she has to drink mescal (alcohol) and use peyote, a hallucinatory drug, in place of soma.

Encourage your students to discuss how similar (or different) Huxley’s fictional future society is to today’s reality.

Was he particularly insightful about the technological advances and moral setbacks that he presented in You'll always save at least 25% on any paperback you order.

He explains that his mother was like Lenina, a woman from civilized society, who some hunters had saved.

Bernard concludes that John's mother was the woman the Director had taken to the reservation twenty-five years ago.

A background lesson comparing the characteristics of utopian and dystopian literature may help students better contextualize Huxley’s satirical intentions with this novel.

Purchase the book presents a futuristic society in which the entire world is controlled by a singular governmental entity called the World State.

Humans are genetically bred to follow rules and carry out their respective preordained functions in society.

“Passing” the course is NOT going to help you later in life if you haven’t learned how to think critically when given the opportunity for guidance during your early studies.

The Indian guide leads Bernard and Lenina into the reservation, where the smells and the sight of poverty, disease, and old age immediately assault them.


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