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Booth Executive Mba Essays

When the photo-inspired essay first appeared in Booth’s application last year, you said that one of the motivations for this approach was to elicit more genuine and even “visceral” reactions from applicants.We have to assume that you saw at least some of what you had hoped for, given that you are using the same approach this year.Together, we build a collaborative community with respect for each other’s individual viewpoint—bringing together students and faculty from various industries and cultures to realize the potential for breakthrough moments every day. How can applicants convey to the admissions committee that they truly understand what Chicago Booth is about and why the school is right for them, and vice-versa?

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In addition, he touched on a number of other topics, including the following: Thank you so much for this opportunity to chat.We want to get a better feel for the unique connection and impact they can bring to Booth, as well as Booth’s impact on their life and future aspirations.We’ve been really impressed and have seen applicants take a very personal approach with their chosen image, as well as give profound reasons for wanting to be a part of this school and how they want to define their impact going forward.The captions that we included this year provide additional context for applicants to relate to each moment and find connections that resonate best with them.Knowing that Sunil is moving on, it is a fitting time for reflection on his tenure here at Chicago Booth.Students at Booth share an intellectual curiosity and passion for ideas.They are humble leaders who want to be part of something bigger than what a single individual can achieve.Alumni also connect with each other and the school through recruitment efforts, panel discussions, industry conferences, alumni clubs, executive-in-residence programs, and other engagements both on and off campus.A successful student is one who has a solid understanding of why they want an MBA, why now, and why Booth.What kind of information or insight do you feel this prompt generates that the other parts of the application do not?The visuals really anchor on the individuality of each applicant, how they connect with a specific moment, and why they want to be part of the Booth community.


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