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Bible Essay Questions Essay Ethics In The Workplace

(Image source: Stock Snap – Josh Applegate) Throughout our lives, we sometimes encounter situations that are difficult to overcome.

And often, what we should do in those situations isn't immediately apparent.

As you study the passages of the Bible and relate their messages to what you're going through in life, you just might find the inspiration you need to get through the toughest of days.

A Bible journal is a hybrid diary where you keep both notes on your study of the Bible and a record of things that happen in your everyday life.

That's why a popular practice in Bible journaling is to not just write down passages from the Bible that stand out to you, but to draw pictures of what they make you think of and feel.

As you meditate on the meanings of various Bible passages and how they might inform your own life, you can get a better sense of what you're already doing well and what you might need to do to balance out your life.

You can use these insights to form better prayers, whether they are simply gestures of gratitude towards God or requests for him to help you through a difficult period of your life.

Then, underline, circle, or highlight those key words or phrases, and write down the important themes in the margins of the journal.

You may even want to create an index at the back of your journal that lists page numbers where passages on a particular theme can be found.


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