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Best American Essays 2006 Table Of Contents

The school has a full-day, four-year program unlike most other magnet schools and as the Governor's School for Science and Technology in Northern Virginia (one of 18 Governor’s Schools in the state), it is also supported by the Virginia Department of Education.99% of students are proficient in both math and reading.The school is also one of the few schools to have a Computer Systems Lab (CSL, often shortened to "syslab") that houses a supercomputer.The graduation rate is 18% above the national average, at 99%, with many students going on to study STEM at schools like the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and the College of William and Mary.The graduation rate, also at 95%, partially contributes to the number of students going on to major in subjects like biology, biomedical and bioengineering, biochemistry and molecular biology at top universities like the University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University and Vanderbilt University.The high school’s average SAT score is above the national average, at 1980, along with its average ACT score at 30.Honors, Gifted and Accelerated classes are offered.

Located in New Castle Town, New York, Horace Greeley has some of the highest academic standards in the state.

Ranked the 2nd best public high school in Pennsylvania, NASH is fed by North Allegheny Intermediate High School, which teaches 9th and 10th grades. There are also visual and speech disability services for specialized education offered through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit IU3.

NASH has a 99% graduation rate and students must earn 21 credits in order to graduate. Situated in the northeast corner of Irvine, California, Northwood is regarded as not only one of the best schools in California, but also one of the best public schools in the nation.

Such schools are typically forced to underpay their staff and to forego advanced courses and electives.

Meanwhile, public schools in many counties and states suffer from a lack of funds and thereby a lack of governmental support.


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