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Below I give a SPOILER FREE overview of the series and try to explain why I think these books should be granted the aforementioned status.But first, a bit of background: Jaclyn Moriarty is an Australian writer of (mostly) YA novels.Take for example, : which is a book from this girl’s, Elizabeth Clarry, perspective.Elizabeth attends Ashbury High and her new English teacher (a recurrent character throughout the series) decides that students of Ashbury and students of Brookfield must start a pen pal project, a twofold mission to rekindle the “joy of the envelope” as well as an attempt to cease hostility between the two neighbouring schools.I know I do….) : Which is a book that depicts the second year of the pen pal “experiment” and it is from the perspective of three girls, best friends since forever: Emily, Lydia and Cassie (all three from Ashbury) and their correspondence with three guys from Brookfield, Charlie, Seb and Mathew.This is a book where Moriarty explores not only the difference between the two schools but also the stereotypes that surround both.The Ashbury/Brookfield series of novels are, in order of publication (please note the different titles and covers depending on where the novels have been published): 1- : I will have to admit that the book took me completely by surprise, and I loved it so completely, it is now one of my top 3 reads of 2010.I have written a review which I submit along with this correspondence as Attachment #1.

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The books are all written in letters, notes and diary entries.

Remember how Gillian Guess fucked Peter Gill (associate of Bindy) during that trial and that became a whole 'nother scandal?

There was a distinct change with many Sikh male youths in the 90's that swayed some of them into the lifestyle pretty easily.

Her narrative is interspersed by (obviously her own unconscious) communications from for example the Association of Teenagers or the Cold Hard Truth Association.

We also learn that Christina is having problems with her boyfriend after they decide to have sex and that Elizabeth and her mother communicate solely by notes stuck on the refrigerator.


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