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Assignment Underwater 3 Person Dialogue Essay

Don Kennedy (voice of Tansut on Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Marlon on The Brak Show) plays former diver Johnny Beaudry. Season 1, Episode 7, "Charlie Noble's Pearl": Edgar Buchanan (shown on the right, played Uncle Joe Carson on The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, and Petticoat Junction, Red Connors on Hopalong Cassidy, Judge Roy Bean on Judge Roy Bean, and J. Jackson on Cade's County) plays crusty old seaman Charlie Noble. Barbara Luna (Maria on One Life to Live) plays exotic dancer Ruby Lee. At least two of the episodes from 1960 have music composed and arranged by Alec Compinsky, a virtuoso cellist whose brother was violinist and film composer Manuel Compinsky and whose sister was pianist Sara Compinsky.Together they performed as the Compinsky Trio, and Alec and Manuel worked on film scores together.Williams broke into TV himself in 1951 playing the title role in The Adventures of Kit Carson in 103 episodes, running until 1955.He was particularly suited to western roles, both on TV and feature films such as The Great Missouri Raid and Oklahoma Territory, because he could do his own riding and stunts.They then also appeared together in A Likely Story (1947) and The Clay Pigeon (1949).She would go on to play Perry Mason's secretary Della Street on the successful TV show, and the couple had two daughters and a son, William Katt, Jr., who became a successful actor himself, starring in Carrie and the 1980s TV show The Greatest American Hero.

In 1957-58 he co-starred as Betty White's husband on the situation comedy A Date With the Angels, but in 1958 he turned down an offer to star in Sea Hunt because he didn't think an underwater series could work.In "Operation Betrayal" (September 16, 1960), Greer is called upon as a Navy reservist to help track down which of his former war buddies has been hired to fish out some old Nazi counterfeit U. Wilson to entrust Patty's care to a doctor while he completes the mission.But his judgment is often inferior to that of his daughter, as in "Charlie Noble's Pearl" (October 21, 1960) when he falls for a frame-up on an old buddy by a pair of slippery robbers, whereas Patty stays true to their old friend and helps him solve the crime.The synopsis of this series is based on viewing only six episodes from 1960, which are among the eight included on two DVDs issued by Alpha Video.As of this writing, no plans for a complete season DVD release have been announced, but should the full series be released to DVD, or if additional episodes are made available, this synopsis will be updated with the additional information.Not much is known about child actress Diane Mountford, other than her birth year of 1948 and her extensive filmography, ending with appearances on Family Affair and My Three Sons when she was 21. Her career began with an appearance on the TV show Fury in 1958 and included an appearance on The Ann Sothern Show and the film The Incredible Mr. And in "The Portrait" (November 18, 1960), Greer is ready to disbelieve Patty's claim that she saw his supposedly deceased diving pupil J. Simmons, until her persistence forces him to recognize some clues and take action to reveal the scam perpetrated by Simmons and his wife.As a parent, Greer dishes out his share of sermons to Patty, but he also makes his share of mistakes--leaving her alone on the beach in "Panic Off Punta Banda" to face possible exposure to contaminated fish, and leaving her unsupervised in "A Message to Mulligan" (November 25, 1960), which results in her sneaking onto a boat that is about to be blown up in the harbor as part of a movie scene.His first credited film role was in Murder in the Blue Room in 1944.A year later he appeared in West of the Pecos with Robert Mitchum and Barbara Hale, whom he married in 1946.


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