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Art Collection Critical Essay Mystery Story

All who developed the disease became known as the Non-Thinking Entities or NTEs, who have gradually eroded the population’s values of decency, empathy, and compassion, ‘tokhanged’ or exterminated critical thinking and discernment, and promoted violence and hatred, together with unabashed imbecility.The original virus then mutated to what’s known as the O-2 O-2 virus causing the Vacuous Syndrome, and spread across the globe.Which, based on their behaviors, has not been the case.Only time will tell if there will ever be a permanent and effective cure to the neuron- and value-killing epidemic that has so far shown no signs of abating.No, I’m not talking about the war against crime and drugs that killed over a thousand in the city, waged by Rodrigo when he was still the mayor.I’m talking about the kind of model Davao has become to the rest of the Philippines — a community largely silent on extrajudicial killings and open corruption, who helped a tyrant reach the highest position of power in the country.These things are happening, and avoiding ‘biased’ mainstream media stories because they don’t fit our personal convictions and narratives won’t change that.Because of what we did and what we didn’t do, the phrase ‘Davao template’ can no longer just be about Rodrigo’s crusade against crime and drugs, which isn’t even the success story many would like to believe, given the statistics.

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And much like with its predecessor, the infected have no interest in any treatment, and are, in fact, enjoying and reveling in their diseased state.For others, like me, it was the desire to go unnoticed. It’s how we have to survive sometimes, in this often harsh world.I had other plans and goals to keep me busy, and I didn’t want to take the time and put in the effort to make any kind of noise about something I thought I couldn’t change anyway. But looking at what’s happening now, and what’s been happening for the past three years, I’m struck by the gravity of the consequences of my choice, and the choice made by others who thought like I did. A culture of impunity among the people tasked to serve and protect. We as a people, as a community, dear Davao, have failed. And yet, whether it was by campaigning and voting for him, or whether it was by keeping silent about what we knew, we unleashed him onto the rest of the country.The outrageous rise of disinformation from government communication agencies. And yes, all of these justifications have kernels of truth in them.But we cannot deny, no matter how much we plug our ears or close our eyes, that what we did and didn’t do led to so much death and tragedy for so many, regardless of whether they deserved it or not (they didn’t).In fact, some individuals were even found to be in denial that any changes have occurred since the beginning of the outbreak.From their perspectives, there hasn’t been a significant difference in the sociopolitical, cultural, and economic environment for the past three years. Lucia Vicente, lead researcher in the study of these new pathogens and the diseases they have caused, held a press conference yesterday to emphasize the insidious nature of this disease, and the negative impact it will have on society at large.Lucia Vicente, virologist and lead researcher into the Obosen phenomenon, announced today that several people have been identified as infected not just in New York, but also in many other states.She said the pathogen has been named the O-2 O-2 virus, because it not only causes the person to display the symptoms of the original Obosen, but it has the additional feature of severe gullibility that is completely resistant to any factual correction whatsoever. Vicente also added that this virus has no identified antidote.We cannot deny that violence and violent rhetoric is on the rise among the citizens, and respect for others is at an all time low.We cannot deny that lies and disinformation are spreading like wildfire, some of which are even being instigated by the president himself (see: those poorly conceived matrices).


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