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Applied Mathematics Dissertations

Hubbard Sergio Pulido Niño Thesis: Financial Markets with Short Sales Prohibition Advisor: Philip E.Protter First position: Postdoctoral associate in applied probability and finance at Carnegie Mellon University Joshua Bowman Thesis: Flat Structures and Complex Structures in Teichmüller Theory Advisor: John H.Get the Story Nearly a dozen high school and college students spent a month on Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus this summer, enrolled in a novel course designed to expose them to concepts in mathematics by studying music.Applied and computational mathematics incorporates interdisciplinary study in the physical, engineering, and biological sciences.Our vibrant group in applied mathematics has strong interdisciplinary connections with the schools of engineering and life sciences as well as institutes such as the Biodesign Institute, the Mayo Clinic, the Global Institute of Sustainability, and the Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative.Development and analysis of algorithms for use in all areas of applied mathematics, science and engineering.Applications include atmospheric science, the behavior of fluids, social and biological systems.

Advisor: John Smillie First position: Postdoctoral Associate, Max Planck Institute of Mathematics David Belanger Thesis: Sets, Models, And Proofs: Topics In The Theory Of Recursive Functions Advisor: Richard A.

Dynamical systems theory studies the solutions of such equations and mappings and their dependence on initial conditions and parameters.

Research in nonlinear dynamical systems in particular is interested in qualitative changes of the solution type as parameters are changed (bifurcations) and in chaotic behavior of solutions.

Shore First position: Research Fellow, National University of Singapore Cristina Benea Thesis: Vector-Valued Extensions for Singular Bilinear Operators and Applications Advisor: Camil Muscalu First position: University of Nantes, France Kai Fong Ernest Chong Thesis: Face Vectors and Hilbert Functions Advisor: Edward Swartz First position: Research Scientist, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore Laura Escobar Vega Thesis: Brick Varieties and Toric Matrix Schubert Varieties Advisor: Allen Knutson First position: J. Doob Research Assistant Professor at UIUC Joeun Jung Thesis: Iterated trilinear fourier integrals with arbitrary symbols Advisor: Camil Muscalu First position: Researcher, PARC (PDE and Functional Analysis Research Center) of Seoul National University Yasemin Kara Thesis: The laplacian on hyperbolic Riemann surfaces and Maass forms Advisor: John H.

Stillman First position: Associate, Credit Strats, Goldman Sachs Margarita Amchislavska Thesis: The geometry of generalized Lamplighter groups Advisor: Timothy Riley First position: Department of Defense Hyungryul Baik Thesis: Laminations on the circle and hyperbolic geometry Advisor: John H.


  1. The Statistics and Applied Mathematics Graduate Program offers master's and. A capstone project is required for the M. S. degree and a dissertation for the.

  2. Dissertation Defense Duc Tran, PhD Enginerring and Industrial Applied Mathematics joint with CSULB. Dissertation Title “Model Predictive Energy.

  3. The Department of Mathematics offers one of the country's leading programs for those who want to pursue graduate study in computational and applied.

  4. Yi Zhang defends his doctoral dissertation in Mathematics. 2009–2013 Math & Applied Math, Beihang University, Beijing, China.

  5. Search SOLO for Oxford Doctoral Dissertations printed and electronic. Oxford Research Archive ORA includes Oxford E-theses from 2006.

  6. This dissertation explores the notion of multiplicity and its generalizations within the theory of commutative algebra. Chapter 2 is dedicated to calculating the.

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