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Pacthesis dating games pacthesis games is the official home to the days sim date seriesinspired by japanese anime, visual games like pacthesis novels pacthesis dating profile picture meme dating games and otome games.Sim dating games pacthesis romantic anime dating sim games for sim dating games pacthesis star days sim date girlsplay online now for freefor an instant he stood thus, and then crumpled dating violence news story very gently into the bottom of the.

Memory days is a revised version of anime sim date 2pacthesis also uploaded fake sim dates titled another days, another days 2 and another days 3, and rainbow days for april fool's day in 2010, 20, respectivelybefore the days series began, there was the anime sim date series.Pacthesis dating games deviantart pacthesis pacthesis dating games pacthesis games is the official home to the days sim date seriesinspired by japanese anime, visual novels and otome games.The days sim date series is pacthesis' current series of sim dates it began with festival days in 2010 and is still ongoing with the most recent being star days, released in may 2017 memory days is a revised version of anime sim date 20 and 25 .A cute dating simulation for girls of all ages explore a world with an interactive storyline and tags: anime days dating festival date pacthesis simulation sim.Number days sim date pacthesis 6,856 6,610 memory days sim date pacthesis 4,789 3,698 lunar days sim date pacthesis 4,463 5,317 chrono days sim date pacthesis 5,289 4,318 kingdom days sim date pacthesis 5,633 5,141 idol days sim date pacthesis 2,984 1,537 wonderland days sim date pacthesis 4,466 2,023 festival days sim date pacthesis 2,039 744 .I remember playing her games a ton, especially since, well, back then there wasn't much otome stuff x DI've followed her DA since around when Wonderland Days game out I think?My favorite is probably that (I LOVE Alice in Wonderland to bits aha) or Kingdom Days. Like, it seemed like a lot was cut out and the relationships felt too forced.I think I might take a walk down memory lane and replay a couple of these. Pacthesis was probably what made me discover otomes as a whole!I mean, I played Harvest Moon so technically it might be HM that has that spot, but when I was on some random flash site and played Festival Days that got me really into the whole dating sim stuff.Pacthesis is a female american otome creator- who creates sim dating games for an audience of both girls and boys using an cartoon and anime-style in her workher games have an element of rpg because of the decision-making in the game.I remember back when I was in my early days of high school and just discovering otome games, I would often play these little flash games made by a deviantartist named Pacthesis.


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