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Animation Thesis S

That is a sweet, honest, and understandable sentiment, one that is representative of the starting place for just about every animation professional.

Who among us didn’t start out making films or drawings for their immediate family and friends? It’s often a place of unconditional love and support.

"I thought it was a nice little precursor, maybe you start thinking a little early, this is a bit odd that we’re hearing this," Mac Mullan said.

"But it is also about every era even in 1928 was an era of change.

In the CG, Horace Horsecollar uses his own leg to lasso a stuck Mickey, who is dangling from a ceiling.

) has to be seen in 3D in a theater to be experienced in full. The title, Mac Mullan explained, is a reference to a phrase popular among the anti-car contingent in the early days of automobiles, yelled by farmers and the likes when sporty motor cars would break down and strand their drivers.

Besides, the experience of completing your own film from start to finish in complete solitude doesn’t really prepare one for the idea of working in collaboration with other artists, a skill students will need to master if they are to build a career in animation.

I think encouraged or mandatory collaboration could be the key, where small groups of students work as production units and make a film together.

"That Mac Mullan said she had taught herself to animate with the 1928 "rubber hose" style, and calls it "like vaudeville on paper." Animators didn't play by any sort of real world rules.

Mickey's dialogue is even drawn from archival audio of Walt himself voicing the character.

(They couldn't find Walt saying the word "red" as Mickey, producer Dorothy Mc Kim said, so an associate editor had to build the word from different parts of the letter "R.") , heard the studio was looking for ideas having to do with their classic characters and sold the idea on just one image.

"I think the takeaway would probably be invention rules, and being inventive and inventive is a good thing, even if it’s a mix of old and new.

Mac Mullan herself does, though, "prefer horses." She would go out and visit some horses when working on the film—Disney is located in Los Angeles' equestrian district—and one specifically would come out of his stable when she whistled "Turkey in the Straw," the song featured in the short.


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