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An Essay On Poverty Essay Question Racism

Underdevelopment is another reason, the country do not have enough economic growth to support their growing populations.

Poverty in India can eradicate with some effective programmes, just need a joint effort from everyone not only from the government.

Eradication of poverty would ensure a sustainable and inclusive growth of economy and society.

We all should do our best to help alleviate poverty from our country.

Due to Poverty people can not access social tools like education and health requirements.

The direct consequences taking place because of poverty are hunger, malnutrition and susceptibility to diseases which are major problems across the world.

The birth rate in India is very high and the former has taken the measure of the ‘one child policy’ to change the situation, but the latter has not made any effort yet.

In rural area family sizes are so bigger and that translates into lowering the per capita income values and ultimately lowering of standard of living.

Another reason for poverty is Unemployment in India, according to reports in 2015 75% of families do not have any regular source of income.

In India, as per 2014 reports, monthly per capita consumption expenditure in rural areas are 972 INR per person and in urban areas it is 1407 INR per person.

This statistic is being accepted as the poverty line of the country.


  1. This paper will explore poverty within Britain and some of the key features that are surrounding it. The broadness of poverty, various ideas and social implications is a massive area of discussion.

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