Amerongen Thesis

345-354, 2010 Nguyen Duy Cuong, Advanced Controllers for Electromechanical Motion Systems, University of Twente, pp.

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The services were held frequently, followed traditional practices such as foot-washing for the poor on Maundy Thursdays, and were fully attended.

Taets resisted demands by the States of Utrecht that Catholic institutions be dissolved and their goods used for charity.

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  2. One-dimensional Bose gas on an atom chip; Aaldert van Amerongen, University of Amsterdam, ; Thesis advisors Dr. N. J. van Druten and Prof. dr.

  3. Because we want to make sure that students get proper supervision and feedback on their work, we can only supervise a limited number of literature theses at.

  4. Jacob Taets van Amerongen 1542 - 4 December 1612 was a land commander of the. van de Utrechtse Balije van de Ridderlijke Duitsche Orde, thesis by Daantje Meuwissen; 2011, Publisher Verloren, Hilversum, page 358.

  5. Oct 14, 2016. Amerongen Maddison, Julia 2016. In this thesis, I aim to elucidate the nature of this defense-related information transfer in a particular kind.

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