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American English Essay Writer

Even by the healthiest of standards most humans only live around 960 months, imagine if you spent half to one percent of your whole life writing just one thing about baseball that only one person that doesn’t care about baseball will read.When you do write a paper, make sure you don’t do it in a format that is difficult to follow by the reader that doesn’t care about it.A letter is actually many things in English, it can be what people no longer send to each other, or the 3,071 little things you just looked at to read this letter-sized paper.Americans enjoy confusing people with the size of things, including this essay.Some people write MLA formatted papers about baseball and get them graded by people who might not even like baseball.It is acceptable or even encouraged to write long papers, sometimes taking up a months and months of your life.

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They have no clue of the right kind of adjectives or verbs to use to form a sentence.

Fluff-less essays are not encouraged because they might look too much like this: The Russians beat the Nazis in World War II because Russia is really cold.

This would not be acceptable as a college paper at an American University because it would leave too much time for people to realize they aren’t happy doing what they are doing and they would buy another La-Z-Boy chair.

This convenience comes with a set of distracting simplifications to our everyday life, for one, we no longer need to wait for days to send someone our love in the mail, now we can just type it like this:❤This easy access to everything makes it difficult for people to complete anything. Multitasking is a way to avoid doing the tasks you actually don’t want to do which leads to procrastinating.

When you procrastinate, you let those little things get in the way of the big things, which means sometimes you get a bad grade on your paper.


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