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American Dream Salesman Essay

Willy's inconsistent behavior is the result of his inability to accept reality and his tendency to manipulate or re-create the past in an attempt to escape the present.

For example, Willy cannot resign himself to the fact that Biff no longer respects him because of Willy's affair.

Willy's confidence quickly resurfaces, and he is confident that he has made the right decision by turning down Ben's offer; he is certain he will be a success like Singleman.

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Willy Loman is incapable of accepting the fact that he is a mediocre salesman.The American Dream means something different to everyone.Perhaps the most mainstream version of the American Dream is one where all American aspire to become wealthy and the ability to achieve everything if one works hard for it.I don't know what to do." Ben quickly shifts the conversation to Alaska and offers Willy a job.Linda appears and convinces Willy that he should stay in sales, just like Dave Singleman.The second major theme of the play is contradiction.Throughout the play, Willy's behavior is riddled with inconsistencies.He labels Biff a "lazy bum" but then contradicts himself two lines later when he states, "And such a hard worker.There's one thing about Biff — he's not lazy." Willy's contradictions often confuse audiences at the beginning of the play; however, they soon become a trademark of his character.This is demonstrated immediately after Willy is fired.Ben appears, and Willy confides "nothing's working out.


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