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Acupuncture Case Studies Curvy Line Essays

Baby acupuncture is very very gentle and involves the use of specialist tiny Japanese needles and massage techniques.

Treatments were short yet effective and after only 3 sessions, Charlotte's mother was happy that her baby was sleeping well, digesting her food and far more comfortable.

Her FSH reading gradually decreased to her lowest reading of 7.2.

The following month she had a positive pregnancy test result.

Acupuncture and Egg Donation Cynthia, age 35 had been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, her FSH reading was very high and in previous years she had experienced two early miscarriages.After a course of cosmetic acupuncture, she felt visibly more attractive and work colleagues kept saying how well she looked.Her lines were less defined, her skin tighter, and her complexion improved.All readings highlighted a deteriorating sperm morphology, with only 4% normal forms.We developed an acupuncture programme for three months including a nutritional pre-conception programme to improve the sperm quality.At night her sleep was disturbed and she woke with night sweats that soaked the bed linen.After only one acupuncture session, the hot flushes and night sweats had ceased and her sleep undisturbed.Her readings were 11, 12 and the last one was 17, which indicates that there would be a 'very poor' response or no response to stimulation from IVF medication.She underwent a course of acupuncture treatments with Charlotte and after two months had a repeat FSH test.She wanted the support of a Doula birthing assistant, and Charlotte Steed, an obstetrics acupuncturist to provide pain relief and to facilitate the birth.With acupuncture the labour lasted only 1.5 hours after the waters broke.


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