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There have been many deliberate attempts to discriminate against the religion, traditions, and the culture of the Kurds, which has sparked violence and protests.

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In all likelihood, this will be the basic framework of your novel.

Here is where we get into the nitty-gritty essentials of the book: your characters, the plot, the genre and voice.

The first step to planning your novel is figuring out what kind of book you want to write.

This article is all about taking the first steps to planning your novel, and includes tips on everything including character, plot, setting, genre, voice and more...

However, this doesn't necessarily always help the protagonist, and often is cause for conflict in the story.

Characters are one of the most vital aspects of a novel to get right.

It's the characters and their actions who drive the narrative forward and compel the readers to keep turning the page.

Here's the cast of characters your novel will need: The main character or protagonist is the character that your novel is based around.

Once you've got a general idea of the kind of book you want to write, you need to ask yourself these questions: Use this point in the process as an 'info dump'.

Basically, you're writing down everything and anything you know about the book so far.