Critical Thinking Practice Questions

The winner of the contest receives a

,500 cash prize, an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D. Now in its 21st year, the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA)’s National High School Essay Contest encourages students to think about how and why the United States engages globally to build peace, and about the role that the Foreign Service plays in advancing U. Whether you are addressing the prompt for a second year or are new to the contest, this contest will challenge you to expand your understanding of the role of the Foreign Service and other actors in foreign policy, identify case studies, and provide a sophisticated analysis in a concise manner. In countries affected by or vulnerable to violent conflict, peacebuilding tools are important additions to the national security toolkit.

Famous Argumentative Essays

This resource provides detailed guidelines for citing sources in your paper and includes examples of in-text citation for reference by research authors.

Ancient Egyptian History Essays

Mention any background information or general information that is pertinent to the topic in the introduction before your thesis statement.The introduction should summarize the point you intend to make in the body of your essay.A five-paragraph essay, for example, has three body paragraphs.

An essay introduction consists of one paragraph that introduces your reader to your essay.

Traditionally, outlines use a system of Roman numerals, upper- and lower-case letters, and numbers to classify points.

Create one heading for each paragraph, including your introduction and conclusion.

Evaluate what the chosen topics have in common and things that make them different to write a good compare-&-contrast essay.

A student can write a contrast (compare) essay separately, but teachers recommend combining both essays to analyze the topics more effectively.